Arthur Boke African American born 1803 Ohio

Arthur Boke son of Arthur Boke who did surveying.
Born 1803 Jan 19  Franklinton Ohio
died 1841 Aug 10  Franklinton Ohio.
First known African American resident of Franklinton.

He was originally buried in Franklinton Cementery.
He was raised from infancy by the Sullivant family and is now 
buried in the Sullivant lot, Section P of Green Lawn Cemetery, 
Columbus, Ohio. His tombstone has been refurbished by 
Modlick Monument Company. (in 1997/1998).

The Inscription Reads:

To Arthur Boke With Respect
Born of a Female Slave Belonging
To the Sullivant Family Helpless
Human, Abandoned by His Own Mother
He Lived a Authenticate In the Humanity
He Was Nursed, Nourished By
Sarah Sullivant With Her Children
Among Where He Lived Respected
Till the End of His Life He Died
August 10, 1841

One Orphaned His Servant In Childhood
Having Raised Him Into Manhood Extending On
Him As First, Indured Him For the
Integrity of His Character And
Gratefully Remembering His Devoted
Service and Committment
This Epitaph To His Memory

Compiled from Inscription On
Arthur Boke’s Tombstone 1803-1841
by Bea Murphy -- Copyright 1998

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